A next-generation prebiotic food supplement series. These products are developed using carefully selected raw materials in  proprietary formulations and offer 100% plant-based, sustainably produced nutraceuticals for cognition, mental well-being, immunity, and appetite regulation.

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A revolutionizing way of enhancing your health by optimizing your diet by means of personalised nutrition and precision supplementation of pre- and probiotic food supplements. NIOMI offers multiple different options and takes customers on an individual, digital, and actionable journey to improve their health.

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IMPACT clinical trials

We actively seek R&D collaborations and have teamed up with multiple private clinics, public hospitals, and Universities, with the purpose of contributing with our technologies, products, and services to address unmet needs within cognitive and gut-associated disorders.

Private label partnerships

We proactively engage with global partners and offer our products and services for B2B partnerships and private label commercialization.

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