Rethinking Health
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Cognitive dysfunction and mental stress are pre-dominant in our society, often progressing into severe medical conditions like depression, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia.


Our mission is to provide functionally validated, personalised healthcare solutions to address unmet needs within cognitive disorders and obesity.


Research on the brain-gut-axis and the correlation between healthy gut microbiota and improved cognitive functioning has in recent years shown a huge potential in prevention of cognitive malfunctioning by selectively impacting the microbiome.


Including both preventive and therapeutic products, our approach is to combine ancient, empiric knowledge on plant-based remedies with state-of-the-art scientific meta-analysis methodologies.


Metaceutic ApS develops plant-based health-enhancing dietary food supplements that are functionally validated to predictably alter specific parts of the gut microbiota in order to enhance cognitive function regarding mental stress remedy, appetite regulation, and general cognitive enhancement.


Our journey is part of a healthcare evolution away from symptom-based, one-fits-all medicine, and towards personalised, causality-driven solutions with systemic efficacy - with the aim to address major global disease challenges in a more targeted, natural manner.