Pioneering preventive healthcare

Dr. Ali Kazemi is the founder and CEO of Metaceutic. He is driven by a strong sense of purpose and willfully swims upstream, when he is convinced that this is the right way to go.

In 2019, after more than a decade seeding and driving innovation at the highest level in the pharmaceutical industry, Ali Kazemi left a senior position at Novo Nordisk to found Metaceutic. He did so with a sincere motivation to change the healthcare agenda, emphasising the need and possibilities to build products and tools that can help addressing the root cause of an array of global lifestyle epidemics.

His main realisation was that this would allow him to make a bigger impact on public health. At Metaceutic, he does not simply do research on lifestyle diseases. He and his dedicated team also develop products and solutions that aim at preventing these – as opposed to simply treating their symptoms.

Specifically, Ali Kazemi has realised that this prevention should take place by improving everyone’s gut health. This is a realisation that many others have also had, and the Metaceutic team is part of a growing global movement of scientists that believe the gut is the key to understanding our health and general sense of well-being.

Metaceutic is particularly focused on children and young people. This is because lifestyle diseases such as depression, stress and obesity are particularly hard to overcome later in life. Thus, the earlier in life we take charge of our own health and take measures to prevent these diseases, the better.